Value Statement

The Value statements of the Bank are reviewed annually by the Board of Directors and a refreshed Vision and Mission was launched in February 2019:


"Our Purpose is to lead the way towards a better Myanmar, humanising banking, connecting people, creating opportunities and changing lives"                                                                                                                    


  • We lead changes in financial services. We are an institution of strength built on sound principles and good governance
  • We deliver banking with a heart, we care for our people and the communities we are in
  • We connect people and build relationships to foster a strong community spirit
  • We create opportunities & a better future for our staffs and our customers
  • We are the change that will empower the communities around us, and together enrich the lives of those we touch  



Connect. Create. Change.



Serving our Customers and Shareholders      

~ We exist to serve customers and shareholders.  We earn their trust by focusing on their needs and delivering excellent service.

Working together                                       

~ We care for each other and work best as one team to achieve our common goal.We bring the best of ourselves to work and support one another  to  realise our potential.                                                                                                                                      

Doing the right thing                                     :

~ We do the right thing. We take risk seriously and manage it prudently.We prize fairness and diversity and exercise judgement with thought and integrity.We take ownership in things that we do.        

Thinking long term                  

~ We know we succeed only when our customers and communities succeed.We do business in a Modern and Dynamic way that is open, direct honest and sustainable.



  • The goals of the Bank and its strategies are driven by its Mission and Vision.
  • The Board of Directors (‘Board”) is responsible for the overall governance, management and strategic direction of the Bank. It has ultimate responsibility for the Bank’s business strategy and financial soundness, key personnel decisions, organizational structure, governance framework and practices, risk management and compliance obligations.
  • Strategy is approved by the Board vide the annual Business Plan and performance monitored over the financial year.
  • The Corporate strategy and its impact is reviewed in the Chairman Statement and  the CEO's Report each year in the Bank’s Annual Report.
  • Over the last 5 years, the impact on Assets and Capital have been positive and this is illustrated in the “Highlights of Financial performance” found in this website.The impact of strategy and performance each year are stated in the Financial Statements and Annual Report.
  • Further the challenges and uncertainties in pursuing strategy and its potential implications to the business model are stated annually in the Chairman’s Statement and CEO's Report in the Bank’s Annual Report.
  • The key risk elements in pursuing strategy for the Bank are identified as Credit Risk, Operational Risk, Liquidity Risk and Market Risk. These are expounded in the Risk Management Section of the Annual Report and the Corporate Governance section in this web-site.                                               

   How do we create value?

  • Our Business model
    • Creating sustainable growth for Stakeholders

Key to creating value for our stakeholders is the use of our resources in the most sustainable way.


Our Business model which is anchored on a combination of sound strategy/business plan, focus on our core business, strong governance structure, differentiating ourselves and performance evaluations enables us the best use of our resources in order to create value for our stakeholders.

Feedback and active engagement with our stakeholders further help us to evaluate the value creation process and the effectiveness of our business model in that value creation.

The business model takes into account the need to balance short term, medium term and long-term goals bearing in mind that what is of short-term benefit may not be in the long term sustainable.

The Governance structure of the Bank from which leadership and corporate values emanates, is central in ensuring that use of resources is optimum for sustainable short term, medium term and long-term creation of value for stakeholders. The Bank therefore is committed to the building of a sound governance structure as a key component of its business model. Details of our Governance structure is explained on in the Corporate Governance page in this web-site.





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